Engagement Day November 16
Saturday, November 16
9-1 pm
UT Austin
Sanchez Building

Cost is $25

Entry is free to Heart of Texas TCs who have been active in the past year (IE: attending at least 2 Saturday workshops this year, working in leadership roles this year, conducting workshops this year, participating in study groups this year.)
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Please note that we do not accept credit cards. PURCHASE ORDERS MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE THE EVENT. Please make out checks to The University of Texas at Austin. You can mail your check/po to this address: HTWP c/o Deb Kelt. 1912 Speedway, Stop D5700. Austin, TX 78712. Please note proceeds may be used in general support of the College of Education.
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If you are an active TC requesting free entry, please list the activities you participated in below:
Activities include: Attending at least 2 Saturday workshops last year, working in leadership roles last year, conducting workshops last year year, participating in study groups last year.
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