STEM Olympics Spring 2018
This is a competition to see which team is the best when it comes to a battle of brain power. A team of 4 is required to participate. There will be 3 stages each designed to test different parts of your intelligence. The first will test your knowledge about facts. The second stage will be a written test on a large sample of STEM related questions. That means there will be questions on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics! Then finally the last stage will be a team competition where your problem solving skills will be tested. Are you up for the challenge? Don't delay! sign up now!

There is a $10 entree fee per person.

Every paying participant will receive a STEM Olympics shirt.

Winning team of this competition will receive a grand prize and bragging rights for smartest on campus!

Date of event is Friday April 27th. Winner will be announce at the end of the event once all judges come to a final decision.

For any questions please email:

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