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In order to apply for a 20-Minute Dating Block Breakthrough Session with Raeeka you must be: 1)COMMITTED to solve your dating challenge now. 2) READY (as oppose to interested) to make a change now. 3) RESOURCEFUL. When you want something in your life you make it happen. Does this describe you? *
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––– If your answer is not a YES to the question above, the 20-min Dating Block Breakthrough Session is not the right fit for you at this time. Here are some other FREE resources to support you in the meantime:
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As we know, no one's dating challenges can be completely solved in 20 minutes. At Dating with Confidence™ we take pride in helping our clients get results and create success in their love lives. Based on your conversation with Raeeka, she intends to discuss which Dating with Confidence™ programs might be a good fit for you to continue taking the work you'll be doing in this session to the next level. Is this a discussion you'd be interested in having? *
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Raeeka will review your application and if it looks like you are a good candidate, you will be provided with a link to book your Dating Block Breakthrough Session call with her.

IMPORTANT: To ensure you receive the link straight to your inbox, MAKE SURE to add admin@datingwithconfidencecoaching to your address book or simply star an email from her.

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>>> Download Raeeka's FREE training: The Broken Picker Solution, Stop Dating The Wrong Men NOW >>>

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