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Subject: Getting Serious About Packaging

Description: At some point in the growth trajectory of a brewery, the owners decide that they need to reach a bigger market. Packaging your product in cans or bottles is a great way to sell into retail but most owners know a lot more about brewing beer than they do about what goes into packaging it.

The choices that brewers face when first choosing their method of packaging can be overwhelming.
Do you want to package yourself and build your own line, or go with outside co-packing or mobile canning? Are cans or bottles better for your brand and product? If you plan on packaging in-house, what kind of filler is right for your application? What about the various packaging line options for conveyance, can prep, date coding, filling, quality control, and pack off?

This talk will cover the pros and cons of all of the above, walk through a budget process, and even get a little bit geeky with a dive into accumulation calculations, ROI, and discuss how to fit a line into a challenging space. Ska Fabricating has many years and over 700 installations-worth of experience, and we're eager to share our practical knowledge using real-world examples; big and small
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