Top 5 biggest stories of 2017
Help us pick the top 5 biggest stories of 2017 affecting the local API community. Voting ends on Dec. 22. Winner(s) will be announced in the Dec. 28 issue. There are four $25 restaurant gift certificates up for grabs. If there is only one winner, the winner will take all ($100 value).
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Seattle sanctuary city
Manka Dhingra wins WA’s 45th Senate District — giving Democrats control
Pulitzer prize winner Alex Tizon dies
Navigation Center controversy
Sikh man shot, told to “go back to your own country”
SpringHill Suites controversy
Congressional Gold Medal awarded to Filipino veterans
WA State Attorney General shut down Trump’s Muslim ban
Tommy Le shot by deputy hours before graduation
Al Sugiyama passes away
Seattle dad raises money to erase school lunch debt
Bruce Harrell becomes Seattle’s first Asian mayor
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