St. James Lenten Dinners
St. James will hold our Lenten dinners beginning on Wednesday, March 4, and weekly throughout the Lent season until April 1. Together we will enjoy 5 evenings of fellowship, meals and storytelling. This year, our theme will be "Tracing Our Journeys; Telling Our Stories; Sharing Our Gifts".

Our stories will consider these 5 concepts:

- A blessing of Joy, Beauty or Wonder that changed my life
- A person who was a companion for me in my pilgrimage
- An experience where I felt equipped to offer a ministry
- A time I have been sustained by God's grace
- I found a refuge when I was weary

We know our community has many talents and we'd love for you to share them with us! Our hope is to have each person volunteer for just ONE activity for ONE event. Completion of this survey does not equal a commitment on your part – we will follow-up via email to determine your interest and availability.

Thank you, we look forward to celebrating this Easter season with you!
Please share with us your skills and interests:
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