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Virginia Working Landscapes wants to partner with local landowners to identify new field sites for our annual biodiversity surveys. We are interested in any grassland fields larger than ten (10) acres, and even sites that are relatively close to suburbs or towns.

If you are interested in partnering with VWL and letting us conduct biodiversity surveys on your property, please provide following property and contact information. This information helps VWL to understand the particular features of each property as well as to identify resources/programs that our landowner network would be interested in. Once we have your information, we will contact you to discuss next steps.

Please note that due to our limited capacity and the varying landscape parameters needed for each survey, we may not be able to survey every property but we will work with you to determine suitability of your property after you fill out the form. We thank you in advance for your willingness to participate in this process, and we greatly look forward to working collaboratively with you!

Email address *
Property Information
Property Name *
Property Address (123 Example St)
Property Address (Town, State Zip)
Property GPS coordinates
If you do not already know the GPS coordinates of your property, you can quickly and easily find them online: just follow this link to be taken to an online document with simple instructions (
If you have maps/aerial imagery of your property that you would like to share with VWL, you may upload them by clicking the "ADD FILE" link below.
Landowner Information
First and Last Name(s)
Mailing Address (if different from property address)
Home/Work Phone: (555) 555-5555
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Preferred Contact Information
Main point of contact
Preferred mode of contact
Property Features and Management
Responses to these questions will aid in determining which survey types may be conducted on your property.
Total Acreage
Field Acreage and Management
Please indicate the approximate number of acres currently in field/grassland on your property, and any management practices used.
Forested Acreage and Management
Please indicate the approximate number of acres currently in forest on your property, and any management practices used.
Natural Water
Please indicate any natural water on your property (e.g., river, stream, creek, spring) and the approximate length and average width of the water feature if applicable and/or known.
Potential hazards for surveyors
Please indicate if surveyors should be aware of any of the following:
Additional Comments
Please note any additional information you feel would be important for us to know about your property.
Participation in VWL activities requires signed media releases.
Please indicate your willingness to meet these requirements.
To promote VWL activities and achievements throughout the year, images of volunteers or activities may be highlighted - for example - on our website, Facebook page, or brochures. Are you willing to authorize VWL to photograph, take video footage, and/or take electronic sound recordings of you or your property; and do you also authorize VWL to use these images, video, or sounds for outreach, educational, or research materials? (this is not a binding contract, just a question of willingness)
Photo credit: Olivia Cosby
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