World War I (Crash Course)
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Crash Course World History - World War I
What is the other name of the First World War?
What was the immediate cause of the First World War?
What was the goal of the Schlieffen Plan?
Why did Japan enter the war?
What did President Wilson want to fix with the League of Nations?
What is responsible of the war according to Lenin?
According to John Green, what is to blame?
What is the name of the territory between the sides on a battlefront?
Who is T.E. Lawrence?
Where are the soldiers in the British army from?
Where are the soldiers in the French army from?
How many people were killed during the war?
How many people were wounded during the war?
What is the part of the male population between the age of 15 and 49 who was killed in France?
What are the two most devastating technologies during this war?
When did the Battle of the Somme take place?
How many men were lost by the British army in the battle of the Somme?
According to a journal published by French soldiers, what is the most horrible experience during WWI?
Why do the soldiers keep fighting?
Who was to blame for the war according to the Treaty of Versailles?
What are the two phases if the Russian Revolution?
What was the first big achievement of Lenin?
Who took the German colonies at the end of the war?
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