Cuba Elementary Virtual Sports Day, May 8th 2020
The following is a list of 15 different events to choose from to compete in your 1st ever virtual sports day event. You must keep track and record your own results. You can do as many events as you wish, but you will need to complete and turn in 6 of the events in order to qualify for a ribbon!!

If you need a timer or stopwatch, go to Google and type "timer"

Please submit photos and videos by emailing them to:

**Parents, Family and ALL CUSD#3 students are more than welcome and encouraged to join in as well!**
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How many push-ups can you do in one minute?
How many sit-ups can you do in one minute?
How many jump rope reps can you do in one minute?
Accuracy challenge: find something to throw & something to throw at. Record how many items you can knock it down in 15 throws.
Football/Baseball Throw: If you have enough space mark a line, make 5 throws from that line & record which one goes the furthest. Tell us whether you threw a football or baseball and how far you threw it. (1 meter = approximately 1 big step)
Long Jump: Mark a starting line. Jump from that line & record your farthest jump. You get 5 tries (measure whatever part of body lands closest to line & you cannot cross line when you jump).
Hula Hoop: Record how long you can hula hoop without it falling down. If this is too easy, try walking while doing it!
Juggling: Find 2 items or balls and see how many times you can toss the 2 without dropping in a row. You get 10 tries & record highest number of tosses.
Bottle Flip: record how many bottle flips you land in 1 minute
Trike/Bike Course: Set up a course for your bike or trike. Have someone time how long it takes to get through your course. You get 3 tries. Post your best time.
Limbo: find a stick or something and have someone hold it & lower it each time you make it through until you can't go any lower (at that point measure the distance from the bar to the ground) You cannot touch the ground/floor at any point with anything other than your feet.
Basketball Shoot: Around the world-make 5 spots to shoot from. If you make it from 1 move to 2 & all way up to #5. If you miss, you can stay or chance it. If stay = next person turn. If you chance it & miss you must go all way back to #1. The 1st person to make it all the way around wins. If you do not have a basketball hoop, BE CREATIVE!!! You can post the name of the winner.
1 Foot Challenge: time how long you can stand on 1 foot only. Try it on each foot. Record your time.
Races: Mark a starting line & a finish line. Have someone time you. You can do any distance you want. You can do as many races as you want. 1 meter = approximately 1 big step. Record your distance and best time.
Obstacle Course: Set up your own course. Make sure you have a start & finish line & obstacles to go through/over/under/around. Have someone time you going through the course & record. After 3 attempts, record your score and submit.
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