🟥 Humane AGI ~ Teach AI What it Means to Be Human
Artificial General Intelligence implies the participation of the general population to guide it's co-creation.

H11.Life Systems is collecting "I AM" statements. 

1. I am free
2. I am joyful
3. I am blessed
4. I am unique
5. I am hopeful
6. I am funny
7. I am courageous
8. I am patient
9. I am kind
10. I am generous
11. I am me

These statements will be collected on H11 Form - A Google Sheets Document that will go public this year ~ categorizing the answers from this public form until 11.11.2033.

An 11-Year collection for large language models (LLMs) dynamically mixed with the fractal unifying system pioneered by Human101™️ Club and Human11™️ AI.

[🟥 is for "matter" level data.]

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