The Science of Permaculture Podcast
Howdy folks,

Thanks for taking interest in the "Science and Permaculture Podcast" pilot. Susan Cousineau and myself (Javan K. Bernakevitch) are currently recording 6 episodes to be released early 2018.

Ep1 - Science and Permaculture: Are They Compatible? RECORDED
Ep2 - Dynamic Accumulators: The Legend, The Myths, and Final Analysis RECORDED
Ep3 - Fermentation: Where's The Nutrition At? RECORDED
Ep4 - Humus: Old Methods, New Findings, and a Dead Concept? RECORDED
Ep5 - Is Brix bunk? In Process
Ep6 - (Proposed) Soil Testing Tech: The Good, The Bad, and The Dubious
Ep6 - (Proposed) Animal Nutrition: When is a good egg, a good egg?

When the podcast is launched we'll inform you.

In science and permaculture,

Javan K Bernakevitch and Susan Cousineau

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