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Sacred Waters is honored to support our community and local service organizations that are consistent with our values: conservation, public lands, clean water and wild places. Not only do we aim to brew great beer, but we aim to be great partners to our friends and neighbors. Unfortunately, we cannot assist as many worthy organizations as we would like so we kindly ask that you share your requests via our Community Support form. We also evaluate sponsorships and donations through the same form. The more details you can provide the better!

Please submit your Community Support Form no less than 30 days prior to your event or need. You will generally receive a response within two weeks of your request.

Thank you for thinking of Sacred Waters Brewing to assist with your worthy cause!

PRO TIP: Copy and paste this form into a Word doc. Type out your answers and return to this form when you are ready with all pertinent info. Cut and paste your replies. Viola!

NOTE: This form is more easily filled out with a computer vs a smartphone.

Organization Name *
Organization Address *
Remember to include city, state, zip. This is where we will mail the donation check post-event so please include an address that is check frequently and is local to Montana. Thanks!
Organization website/URL *
Primary Contact Person *
Email *
Phone *
Is your organization a 501(c)(3) nonprofit? *
Federal Tax ID/EIN *
If you are only requesting a Pint Night, this does not apply.
Org's Primary Purpose *
As the purpose relates to values of Sacred Waters.
How will this donation support Sacred Water’s outdoor heritage and conservation values? *
Have you received a donation from Sacred Waters in the last 12 months? *
Please be advised that we try to share the love and would like a very compelling reason to donate to an organization more than one time in a calendar year. Tell us more.
Type of donation *
Select all that apply
Response Deadline *
By what date do you need a response from Sacred Waters regarding your request?
Donation/Sponsorship Request
If you are only requesting a Pint Night, this does not apply. If you are requesting a donation/sponsorship, please share more details about your wishes (merchandise, cash sponsorship, amount, etc) and how this donation will be used. The more specific the better.
Additional details
Please share any other information about your donation request (if needed).
If you have sponsorship forms, posters, reports from prior years' events that would WOW us, please email those (one email - not multiple) to
What is the primary focus of your organization/event? *
Raise money. Enhance awareness. Campaign kick-off. Special celebration. Tell us why this matters.
Event Date *
Or desired Community Pint Night
Event page/URL *
We strongly urge you to create an online page with time, details, prizes, etc related to your event so we can also share your cause and help you promote your big day. If this does not exist on your own website, please consider setting up a no-cost EventBrite webpage to do this. Welcome to the 21st century where digital connection matters! :)
Funds Raised *
How will funds raised be used? Do you have a specific need/goal for which these funds will be used?
How will this project address community needs? *
How many people will benefit from this specific event/request? *
How will your organization measure the success of this event? *
A measurable goal would be most helpful (amount raised in the night, # of people in door, raffle fund raised, etc). We want to help you be successful, but that is more than simply "awareness".
Will Sacred Waters receive any goods or services for this donation such as advertising, tickets, meals, etc? Please share details. *
Do you require a camera-ready ad, logo or other marketing/media tools from Sacred Waters for our involvement? *
If yes to prior question, please provide all necessary info. *
Please indicate if the logo be used in print AND online so we can send you proper artwork. What file type do you prefer for logo based on your tech? Provide specs for ad if applicable (dimensions, color or black/white, bleeds, etc?) Where do we send materials and files? What is your deadline to have all this?
We are more inclined to support your efforts when we know you are working hard in tandem with us to promote your cause and bring people in the door. Please share more about your outreach plans.
Outreach Efforts *
Please share an overview of your planned marketing efforts to help bring people to your event or to a community pint night. We love details.
Social Media *
Please share links to your organization’s social media pages here so we may follow and help share your posts.
Cross-Promotion *
We kindly request that you re-share all Sacred Waters posts related to your event from our social media channels to help enhance your outreach.
Other Advertising/Boosting *
Social media is more effective when a paid promotion is at work (boosting!). Do you plan to utilize this this tool for additional outreach? Please offer some details related to timing, frequency and your target audience so we may piggy-back and support your efforts.
Signature *
By typing your name below, you are indicating that you have reviewed the criteria for community involvement, that the information supplied above is true and correct, that you will work very hard to make this a success (for you and for us) and that the funds (if approved) would be used solely as described above.
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