Student Drivers and lunchtime leavers Permission form
Guidelines for students driving to and from school.
To protect the safety and welfare of all you students:
*You adhere to road rules and drive in a safe and reasonable manner.
*You are not permitted to drive other students to and from school without parent/caregiver permission of both the driver and the passenger.
*You are not permitted to drive students to and from any school programme or function without the parent/caregiver permission of both passenger and driver.
*A parent or caregiver must complete this form.
*You are only permitted to park in the student park.
*Cars are parked at the drivers own risk.
*You are not to access your car during school hours.
*You need permission from your whanau leader if using your vehicle for an excursion or function during school hours.
*You must provide a copy of your drivers licence to have on file at the school and if your license changes you must notify the school.
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