Fairmount Triangle Survey
The City of Jersey City received a grant from Blue Zones and the Degree foundation to make improvements to Fairmount Triangle to turn it into a vibrant park for the community. Please answer the following questions to help us design a park that would best serve you and the community.
What is your age group? *
What best describes your relationship to this space? (Check all that apply) *
Do you agree or disagree with the following statements about the existing Fairmount Triangle? (1 - Strongly Disagree, 3 - Neutral, 5 - Strongly Agree)
1 (Strongly Disagree)
2 (Disagree)
3 (Neutral)
4 (Agree)
5 (Strongly Agree)
I feel safe at all times of day in the space
I regularly use the space
I can easily access the space
The amenities (trash receptacles, bike racks, etc.) in the space are sufficient
The space should be improved for the community to use as a park
What would you like to see in the proposed park? (Check all that apply)
What should we name the proposed park?
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Did you attend the Pop-up Park event on November 2? *
Please tell us your thoughts on the Pop-up Park and any other ideas you have to make this a great public space.
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Vision for Your Park
In the next section, please select the images that best represent what you would like to see in the future park. To skip this section and submit the survey, please fill out your contact information on the last page.
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