Point / Counter-Point June 2018
The Worcester City Council is considering a proposal for a ballot question in November on a property tax surcharge to fund historic preservation, open space acquisition and parks improvements, and community housing. The city would be eligible for some matching state funds. A coalition of more than a dozen organizations is suggesting a 1.5 percent surcharge, with exemptions for certain groups based on affordability. Residential groups have voiced opposition and the Chamber of Commerce is wary, all over increased taxes. Proposed exemptions include the first $100,000 of valuation, with a total exemption for low-income families and low- to moderate-income senior citizen homeowners. Supporters say, on average, single-family homeowners would pay an extra $32 a year, and three-decker owners $36 a year, while businesses less than $200, with many paying less than $100. Should Worcester adopt the Community Preservation Act? Tell us in up to 40 words.
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