Your story will change the world !!!
Social change starts with you. People talk about awareness all the time, however, the only way to make change is to put your face to a cause and your money where your mouth is. We are taking the time to make things happen- and need your help!

To that end: I’m doing a series of portraits (value of $2,500) in my studio in exchange for a token fee (Minimum of $1 and maximum of $500) and a model release, along with the story of each person and their favorite non-profit.

Out of this session, you will get 2-3 web resolution images, shareable on social media contingent on proper accreditation of the sponsors. On this site, we are showing outtakes from the portrait sessions. The finished product will be exhibited larger than life in London and the show held there will be the unveiling of the finished work.

We are putting on a show. The show will exhibit prints- larger than life portraits (40"x60") in a signed edition of 1. Yep, you are helping to make a one-of-a-kind art object that helps to create social change. The prints will be sold in an exhibition, exact location, and 50% of the profit from the sale of the print going to our agreed-upon non-profit, with that amount split evenly between the portraitist and the subject, coming from both of us. This is a concrete way to make a social and financial trade for a little bit of your time, your story and your face.

This is a chance to make a change in a real way in the world and have some great photos taken. Fill out the form on under "Show your face" and make some change.

If you'd like to see some of my other work- is my website and my instagrams are @michaeljdote and @aboutface_nyc

If you have any questions- please email:


Michael J Dote

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