Tell me about your style...
Congratulations on doing something for yourself! Below are some questions that will help me understand you, your style goals, and your thoughts about the adventure we are about to begin. You may find that some of the questions require quite a bit of thought. Some may even be a little difficult to answer. Just give them all a shot, and we’ll figure the rest out as we go!
Your answers, as well as everything we discuss during our time together, will be kept confidential.
Here we go…
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How would you describe your current style? (Below are some examples to get you thinking. Feel free to write in your own description!)
Given the same choices as above (and the option to use your own descriptors), how do you hope to describe your style after our time together?
What first impression do you believe you project to others, based on your appearance?
What first impression would you like to project to others?
What is your lifestyle/general daily routine?
What is the best style/fashion advice you’ve ever received?
Whose style do you most admire?Consider friends, family members, celebrities, etc. List all and explain your reasons.
Would you describe yourself as an extrovert or an introvert, or some combination of both?
Do you enjoy shopping?
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Do you enjoy putting together outfits from your closet?
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What are your 5 favorite items in your wardrobe?
At what 3 stores (brick/mortar or online) do you do most of your clothes/accessories shopping?
What do you consider to be the best part of your figure?
What is your least favorite part of your figure?
What are your greatest style challenges?
What are your reasons for hiring a personal stylist? What goals do you wish to accomplish during our time together?
Is there anything else you’d like to let me know?
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