Digital Preservation Student Consultant Project
This form is to solicit interest from individuals at small cultural heritage institutions or in small departments or subsets of larger institutions, interested in having graduate students in a digital preservation course from the University of Maryland's iSchool serve as semester long digital preservation organizational consultants.

Please fill in the form if you would be interested in serving as a point of contact for a student who would work to help identify what steps your organization could take to improve it's approach to collecting, preserving and providing access to digital content.

Please respond before mid-august of 2018. Students will be in contact early in the semester once they are paired with organizations.

Name of Organization
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About the Organization
Provide a few sentences about your organization. What it's mission is, what kinds of collections you have, etc. This could well just be copied and pasted from basic about text about your institution.
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Why are you interested in participating?
Say a little bit about why you are interested in participating? Are there particular issues you/your organization would like help with? Note: to be a good fit for the course, the issue is going to need to be focused on managing and ensuring long term access to digital content. So this is not relevant to needs for digitizing content.
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