Fantasy Orchestra Vinyl poll
So the record is finally finished.
We've already ordered CDs which will be ready in time for the 28th feb.
Now I'd like to know how many people would like vinyl so i can decide how many to press.
It will cost £15 each. And we'll need your cash upfront as soon as i've put the order in.

There are 11 tracks in total 6 of which by the Paris Fantasy and 5 from the Bristol fantasy.
Flow (p)
The Bear (b) - lead vocal: Ole, Maeve, Kathy and Jesse
Split Like A Lip (b) - lead vocal: Abby
Third Stone From The Sun (p)
Love In Outer Space (p) - lead vocal Rasha
One Of My Favourite Weathers (b) - lead vocal Lorcan
The Empty Boat (p) - lead vocal Jesse and Kate
Kurtle (b)
October (p)
One Rainy Wish (p) - Lead vocal Frankie
Final Moments Of The Universe (b) - Lead Vocal Sam Trombone

it sounds like this:

Cover design by Melanie Wickam
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