"Rise Up" Ladies Retreat 2019 September 13, 14, &15

We are excited that you are joining us for Ladies Retreat 2019 at Chambers Camp and Retreat Center (114 Campground Road Beaver Dams, New York 14812). Whether you have attended for years or this is your first time, we are confident that God has something amazing for each and every woman in attendance.

Please read through each section of our newly designed registration form. Pay careful attention, as each section provides important information for you as well as information needed to process your registration. It is vital that personal information be accurate as we use it for labels and nametags. You will receive an emailed confirmation that your registration was received and attached will be your choices.


ONCE SUBMITTED - DO NOT FILL OUT AGAIN! For corrections or changes please EMAIL Aaron Pentz, Registrar and Housing Coordinator at:

cnywomensministry@yahoo.com, Subject: "LADIES RETREAT 2019 edits to my registration."

Do you know someone who is not on Facebook? There are ways to get them registered!!!

1. We ask that you would help other ladies of your church or friend group that may not be as computer savvy fill out this form. By pressing Ctrl + P the form (12 pages) will print. The printed form can be mailed, but if you are able to enter your friends information that is very helpful. As you fill in each section a spreadsheet on our end is filled for the use of the Ladies Retreat Committee. Using a computerized form saves postage expense, trees and many hours of data entry time.

2. This form is also able to be emailed. Simply copy this link and send it to your friends!


We look forward to worshiping and growing with you at Ladies Retreat 2019!

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Meet our speaker: Amy Carroll of Proverbs 31 Ministries
Amy is the author of "Breaking Up with Perfect" and contributing author for the NIV Real-Life Devotional Bible for Women and Encouragement for Today. She also writes devotions for Proverbs 31 Ministries’ “Encouragement for Today” which are sent out daily to over 800,000 people worldwide. Amy is the founder and director of Next Step Coaching Services, a coaching service for Christian speakers. She’s also the co-host of Grit ‘n’ Grace, a podcast for reforming perfectionists, people-pleasers, and growing HSPs.

Amy’s years of service in women’s ministry leadership and her current position teaching a multi-age Sunday school class for women fuel her belief that the inter-mingling of all ages and stages leads to greater spiritual maturity. She credits godly mentors, mission trips and volunteering for shaping her and constantly inspiring her to grow closer to Jesus.

Amy is a woman who laughs at corny jokes, cries at Hallmark commercials and is afraid of bouncing checks and her own double chin. She’s married to Barry, the man that she still loves madly after over 27 years, and she gets simply giddy when “Anson” or “Nolan” (her adult sons’ names) appears on her caller ID.
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