What would you like us to do for you?
As we plan further developments we would like to know what services, help or information you would like from us.

What would make you feel better about accessing healthcare and what can we do to support that?

What other support would you like to get from us or, do you think what we do is unnecessary is todays day and age?

The information you provide is completely confidential and will only be used for our own research and evidence base ensuring we are delivering what you want. We do not share your information with any third party organisations and monitoring information is only used to ensure we are reaching the broadest spectrum of our community.

Without your help we will be unable to grow and improve so please be free and frank with your responses.

When we say LGBT we want to be all encompassing of Lesbian, Gay, BiSexual and Transgender people in addition to those who identify as Non-Binary, Intersex and ASexual. Our survey is also open to those who identify as Heterosexual regardless of whether they consider themselves an ally of our community or not.

Do you think health professionals need extra training to understand the specific needs or concerns of LGBT patients and to become more LGBT aware? *
What sort of service or support would you like to see LGBT Cancer Support provide to you and to health professionals? Tick all that apply.
If there were information available on various cancers specifically written for the LGBT community how would you prefer to access that information? Tick all that apply
Now we have a few scenarios: What would you do?Jayne is a Transgender Woman, She has not fully transitioned yet. She has lived as a woman now for six years and nobody in the town she has moved to knows she was born male. She had found a testicular lump and has to have an operation to remove it. Which ward should Jayne be placed on when she is admitted to hospital?
Scenario: Sarah is a transgender woman. She transitioned 25 years ago and feels she is at risk of prostate cancer. Her doctor only knows her as Sarah as she's only lived in this area for 10 years so is worried about asking him for a test. What should she do?
Scenario: I am a lesbian undergoing treatment for Cancer. My medical team assume I am straight because I have a six year old daughter who comes to some appointments with me. My partner comes to my appointments too and they assume she is my sister. What should I do?
Scenario: Fred is 72, his partner of 50 years has cancer and is in hospital. Fred wants to hug his partner and tell him things will be OK but he's worried the other men on the ward may not approve. What should he do?
I'm a gay man and have been invited to a support group after having one testicle removed as a result of cancer. I went to one session and the guy running it went on about how the girls will never know etc. The next group is tomorrow morning, what should I do?
How old are you? (its ok we keep it secret!)
What is your gender?
What do you consider your sexuality to be?
Is your gender identity the same as assigned at birth?
Is there anything else you would like to tell us or or do you have any suggestions for us? Remember we don't have your email so if you want a response then please include an email address
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