Sib-Link: Sibling Referral Form for Colorado
Enhancing Sibling Contact through monthly, high quality sibling visits.
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The mission is to restore and maintain sibling bonds when children are placed separately in foster care.
The program complements current efforts by the State and by Caregivers to bring siblings together.
Anyone on the case team can make a referral through this form, including foster parents, group home staff, CASA/Guardian ad litems, and, of course, state case managers/supervisors.

Youth and children in foster care, as well as their parents, can also make a referral for the program. We welcome these referrals.

After receiving a referral, we decide whether we have available staff to manage. We email the State case worker to better understand how the program could benefit the children and how the program complements the case team’s current efforts.
Visit Options

On zoom, we organize and facilitate interactive sessions every other week.
Use for sibling groups you feel have not had meaningful contact in the last 90 days.

We organize and facilitate fun, engaging visits every month.
This option requires case team members to help transport children.
Offered in our primary markets. Currently, this means at least one sibling resides in the Upstate, SC or in the Denver area, CO. We wish to grow into new markets. Help us!

We provide in-person monthly and complement this with virtual bi-weekly visits.
In the Options section, we provide a simple difference to help you choose the virtual or in-person option.

While we want to help all children, we give priority to cases with one of the below concerns.

Siblings have not had meaningful contact in 180 days.
Family visits are sporadic. The case team is concerned parents are becoming non-responsive to their treatment plan.
Reunification remains the plan, but other permanency options are being considered.
Parental rights are terminated and the children now desperately need each other.
Some children are adopted or in the process. Some will stay in foster care. You want to solidify their sibling bond.
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