ADS Arts & Movement Wednesday Enrollment Form Spring 2019
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Enrollment in classes is done on a first come, first served basis so the earlier you enroll, the more likely it is that you would get your child's first choice of class but that is not guaranteed.

Enrichment Classes start on Wednesday January 9 (FIRST WEEK BACK TO SCHOOL) and go until Wednesday May 15. This is a total of 17 classes. **Please Note: There are no classes during Spring Break on March 13 & 20.**

All classes, regardless of length, are the same price EXCEPT Spanish. Due to the high cost of the Spanish lessons, they are slightly more expensive.

Early Owl Registration (November 8 - November 9) :

Arts & Movement Enrichment: $12/session for 17 sessions ($204/ Fall Semester)
Spanish Classes: $18/session for 17 sessions ($306/ Spring Semester)
Early Aftercare* until 3:05 pm (not enrichment classes): $4/session for 17 sessions ($68/ Fall Semester)

Regular Registration (November 10 - December 21) :

Arts & Movement Enrichment : $15/session for 17 sessions ($255/ Fall Semester)
Spanish Classes: $20/session for 17 sessions ($340/ Fall Semester)
Early Aftercare* until 3:05 pm (not enrichment classes): $5/session for 17 sessions ($85/ Fall Semester)

Late Registration (December 22 - January 11):

Arts & Movement Enrichment : $18/session for 17 sessions ($306/ Fall Semester)
Spanish Classes: $22/session for 17 sessions ($374/ Fall Semester)
Early Aftercare* until 3:05 pm (not enrichment classes): $6/session for 17 sessions ($102/ Fall Semester)

*Regular AfterCare is from 3:05pm-6pm. Students enrolled in Full Time or Part Time AfterCare on Wednesdays will receive a discount on "Early" AfterCare if they don't enroll in an enrichment class. Students enrolled in Full Time AfterCare will also receive a $40 semester credit on their AfterCare bills ($10 each month) for also enrolling in an Enrichment Class. See AfterCare Enrollment Form for further details on these discounts.

You will receive 1 invoice for the full amount of the class on/by December 3 (if you enroll by November 30). Please be advised: All payments are NON-REFUNDABLE. No matter what the reason is, even if your student is no longer attending ADS, the deposit will not be refunded.

In order to secure the lower pricing if you qualify for Early Owl Discount, the FULL COST of the semester cost ($204 for Enrichment, $306 for Spanish OR $68 for Basic ChildCare) must be paid by invoice due date. All payments are non-refundable.

For Early Owls, If the full cost isn't received by the invoice due date, the price will go up to the regular registration rate and you will receive a new invoice with a new invoice due date. If your payment still isn't received by the 2nd due date, you enrollment will be cancelled and your child will be expected to be picked up at 1:50pm on Wednesdays throughout the semester.

If you are a Full Time or Part Time AfterCare Student who is NOT enrolling in Enrichment classes but just wants Early AfterCare - the cost will be on your monthly AfterCare Bill. You do not need to submit payment to secure Early AfterCare - you just need to enroll in Regular AfterCare (no need to fill out this enrollment form - you need to fill out the AfterCare Enrollment Form if you haven't already). Only students who are NOT enrolling in regular AfterCare will have to pay in one payment installment for Early AfterCare for the Spring Semester.

Anyone who registers by November 9 and then makes a change to their registration after November 9 (i.e. switching classes, etc), will not qualify for the Early Owl Discount anymore as your enrollment is pushed to the bottom of the list and it is like you registered the day the change was made.

If you submit your registration paperwork on or before November 30, you should receive an invoice no later than December 3. The invoice will list the class that your child has been enrolled in. These will be sent to you through the Brightwheel ChildCare System. If you aren't already a member of BrightWheel, you will receive an email asking you to sign up for BrightWheel (it's free to signup).

Registration for all Enrichment Classes ends January 11, 2018 (assuming class space is even still available). After that time, if you find yourself in need of care, Early AfterCare will be available for $6/Wednesday (until 3:05pm). If you enroll late for a class (after December 22), the enrollment is NOT pro-rated. You would still pay $306 (or $374 for Spanish) for the semester even though 1 class was missed. There are no refunds for students who are absent, withdraw from the class and/or school, and there are no additional make up classes.

Please Note: There are no family discounts on Spanish Classes due to the high cost of the class. The class is either $18, $20 or $22 per class depending on enrollment date.

Please Note: There are also no substitutions allowed meaning that if your student drops out of a class, you cannot sell or give your spot to another child to take the class. Your registration is just forfeited.

Staff to Student Ratio for all classes will be determined by enrollment but would not be more than 1:22. If there are more than 22 students, a 2nd teacher would be placed in the classroom. Most classes are a 1:12/1:15/1:16 ratio.

3-D/Pop/Street Art (Brought to ADS by Creative Action)
Class Length: 90 minutes (2:15pm-3:45pm)

RESTRICTED: Grades 3-8 Only

Is the world your canvas? Go inside, outside, and upside down to craft one-of-a-kind works of art! Learn how you can use artwork to send your community a positive message. Students will explore fiber art, toy hacking, wearable art, pop-up books and other techniques that will make your eyes pop!

Artist Lab (Brought to ADS by Creative Action)
Class Length: 90 minutes (2:15pm-3:45pm)

RESTRICTED: Grades K-3 Only

Students explore themes like world cultures, community service, and creative problem-solving as they explore artists who changed the world and develop their own STEAM skills through design, building, and working with a variety of art techniques and tools.

Capoeira (Brought to ADS by Capoeira Luanda)
Class Length: 60 minutes (2:15pm-3:15pm)

RESTRICTED: Grades K-3 Only Minimum of 15 kids to make class.

Capoeira is an exciting combination of martial arts, dance, acrobatics and music that is known for its uniquely playful energetic appearance. It is a great way for children to build confidence, stay physically active and develop respect for each other in a fun and safe environment. One hour classes will include: Warm-up and stretching exercises, Capoeira movements, Acrobatics, Music and Portuguese Phrases.

Digital Media & Filmmaking (Brought to ADS by Creative Action)
Class Length: 90 minutes (2:15pm-3:45pm)

RESTRICTED: Grades 4-8 Only

Students explore themes like empathy, leadership, and problem-solving as they work from concept to screen to bring their imaginations to life. Projects often include original movies, music videos, animations or other digital media creations.

Soccer (Brought to ADS by Soccer Shots)
Class Length: 60 minutes (2:15pm-3:15pm)

RESTRICTED: Grades K-5 Only (Students will be divided into 2 age appropriate groups)

Soccer Shots has been positively impacting children in the Austin and San Antonio areas for almost ten years. We have strong partnerships with over 150 preschools and daycares throughout Central Texas. We also maintain partnerships with the City of Austin, the City of Lakeway, the City of Round Rock, and many other communities, HOA’s and school districts. We have been voted Best of Austin: Best Kids’ Sports & Rec Program in the Austin Chronicle Readers Poll for 2014, 2015 and 2016, and we were recognized by Entrepreneur magazine as the #1 Children’s Fitness Franchise in the U.S. Soccer Shots has a strong brand awareness and a full understanding of running a remarkable enrichment program.

Soccer Shots - The Children's Soccer Experience - is a high energy, developmentally appropriate and FUN introduction to the world’s greatest game with a focus on skill, confidence and character building over competition. A leader in youth soccer development, our expert-approved curriculum is age-appropriate and officially aligned with Texas Early Learning Standards. The foundation of Soccer Shots is our relentless commitment to providing best-in-class coaching, communication and curriculum. As the premier Children’s Soccer Experience, our mission is simple and clear – we aim to positively impact children’s lives.

Materials Needed: Comfortable clothes, comfortable shoes (tennis shoes work fine), access to water (personal water bottle).

Small Bites: Nutrition Education through Healthy Snacks (Brought to ADS by Common Threads)
Class Length: 60 minutes (2:15pm-3:15pm)

RESTRICTED: Grades K-5. Group will be split into 2 age appropriate classes. Minimum of 15 students per class. Maximum of 22.

Common Threads believes cooking is a life skill. This class is about nutrition and healthy cooking through a series of 17 lessons combining nutrition and knife-free cooking. These lessons are taught by a trained chef. The lessons give students the opportunity to connect math, language arts and science concepts to hands-on experiences that provide tools to live longer, healthier lives. Graduates of this class will be able to make their own healthy snacks at home.

Some Examples of Lesson Themes: The Chef's Plate and Healthy Snacking, Deciphering the Nutrition Label, Fruits & Vegetables, Protein and Physical Activity, Whole Grain Goodness, Healthy Hydration, Facts on Fat, etc.

Please note: If your child has any food allergies, please let us know as soon as you are placed into the class.

Materials Needed/Extra Cost: There is an additional one-time grocery fee of $20 for this class per child. This will help cover the cost of the food your child will make in the class. You will see this additional fee on your child's 2nd invoice for the class. This is a non-refundable fee.

Spanish Lessons (Brought to ADS by Mariposas)
Class Length: 60 minutes (2:15pm-3:15pm)

Class Cost: $18-20/class (higher rate than other classes)

RESTRICTED: Grades K-2 Only

Teachers are one of the most important part of a child’s learning process. Mariposas is a small collective of teachers that love working with children and understand the importance of learning a language at a young age. Through different backgrounds, each instructor brings their own creativity and uniqueness to Mariposas in order to continue offering the best to Austin’s children. Mariposas staff share a common goal- for students to be excited about speaking another language. Their classes emphasize fun learning without any pressure. Their instructors have all worked with children extensively. They are fluent speakers, nurturing, compassionate, and well rounded. They strive for a true Spanish experience and encourage students to practice with one another in and out of the classroom. Their hands-on program is thematically organized and allows children to learn Spanish through music, song, literature, reading/writing, games, visual aids, sign language, art and beyond. Mariposas custom make all of the posters, flashcards and worksheets used in the classroom.

An overview with the weekly theme, vocabulary and homework suggestions are posted online each month so that you can reinforce your child's Spanish acquisition at home.

This class is slightly more expensive ($18-20/per class). It includes all classroom supplies as well as a Monthly e-newsletter to parents with information on classes & bilingual events. Parents also get online access to Mariposas monthly lessons and ability to download the song of the month to continue the lessons at home. ADS Families enrolled in this program will also get early registration for summer camps and day camps that Mariposas offers when AISD is on holiday.

The main teacher for this class will be Laura Gonzalez-de Leon. You can read more about her here:

StartUp Kids Club (Brought to you by StartUp Kids Club)
Class Length: 75 minutes (2:15pm-3:30pm)

RESTRICTED: Grades 3-8 Only

Has your child ever talked about starting their own business? If so, this is definitely the club for them.

StartUp Kids Club wants to equip children with tools of knowledge and innovation in order to create a foundation that fosters the spirit of entrepreneurship, while enriching and enhancing their academic success.

During the course of the semester, the kids will brainstorm and actually create and start their own individual business (or they can choose to partner with a friend to start a partnership). Each week, they will have a mentor (guest speaker) come in to discuss the topic of the week (For Example: a graphic artist might be the guest speaker when talking about marketing/logo design or a banker might be the guest speaker to discuss financing). Each week they would work through the steps in starting and creating their business. The students enrolled in the program will actually start their business and have a chance to sell their products/services at least once (hopefully twice) during the course of the semester...depending on the success of their business, it could be something they continue long after the class ends!!!

Class curriculum being provided by StartUp Kids Club. As part of the club, each child will receive a startup kit to help them start their business (including a messenger "work" bag, business plan workbook, and a "support 'small' business" t-shirt)

Materials Needed/Extra Cost: Each child participating in the program would need to be prepared to cover the startup costs of their own business. To do this, they could fundraise in their neighborhoods, ask friends/family to help sponsor or invest in the start of their business or ask their parents for a loan (which they will then have to pay back as part of their costs/profits for their small business).

Ukulele (Brought to ADS by Groundwork Music)
Class Length: 60 minutes (2:15pm-3:15pm)

ALL AGES. Classes will be divided into 2 age appropriate groups (most likely K-2 and 3-8). Minimum of 12 students per class. Maximum of 16.

Groundwork Music Project will providing ukulele lessons at Austin Discovery school that broaden a child’s musical skill set across a wide spectrum of singing and playing. Ukulele is a great instrument for learning to play melodies, strum chords, develop singing skills and more. This is a great program for students who are looking toward the ukulele choir in older grades, and for those who want to broaden their skills in general. Arrangements are created so that students can play a variety of parts suited to their skill level. Singer/song writer and composer, Neal Kassanoff, provides much of the content used in the program, and students have opportunities to perform in high profile events(alongside professional musicians) throughout the year. Mr. Kassanoff has written music for film soundtracks, and for artists like Guy Forsyth and Carolyn Wonderland, as well as co-writes with Ben Kweller.

Materials Needed: Ukulele. If you need one, you can get one through Groundwork on the first day. Ukuleles are available for purchase for $42 plus tax. This extra cost is not included in the cost of the class.

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