Ace Race 2017 Event Registration
This form is for Tournament Directors who want to schedule a 2017 Ace Race event in their location.

If you are a player looking to register to play in your local event, you cannot do that here. Find your event on and use the links you find to contact your local event director.

NOTE to TDs:
1) Events must be scheduled in Aug, Sept or Oct.
2) Events must be registered under the event director's real name. Club/event/nicknames and business names will not be accepted. This person (you) will be the official contact person with Ace Race HQ, no other person(s) may coordinate with HQ on your event's behalf.
3) The email address you provide here will be publicly posted.
4) Please ensure you are at least 30 miles from any existing event before attempting to register (may be as closer in major metro areas, subject to HQ review). Check your area on and see for details on buffer zone rules.

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