Take a minute. Breathe. And Imagine if…

If somewhere not far from where you live, there was a Home in the middle of nature. A place where nature was respected in its untamed beauty and in its abundant willingness to feed and meet your needs.

Imagine that this home is your Home. Your second Home. Imagine this place is both your own shelter and the Home of strangers with whom you share a common purpose. Imagine that this place is safeguarded really for you, for your well-being. A place for you to simply Be and become. Imagine this Home as a space within which you can feel warm, safe, and loved. A place where you can examine new ideas and cultivate fresh perspectives with others, free from the constraints of everyday life. Imagine the surrounding environment as a place where you are free to lose yourself and explore your thoughts, your heart and your soul.

Breathe and Imagine

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