New Membership Application
This application is first time applicants and previously expelled Jury members only.

NOTE: If you are an existing Core Jury Member / Research Assistant, previously invited Guest Jury Member or previously resigned Core Jury Member / Research Assistant please visit and apply under "Re-Registration for Ex-Participants".
What Jury Members are entitled to do?
As the designation suggests, all Jury Members will participate in voting procedures for shortlisting nominations and winners for various categories of FOIOA. Additionally, they might be asked for suggestions or feedback on various guidelines governing the procedure.

1. Your selection won't entitle you to any monetary advantage from our side.
2. We're looking for interest in Indian feature films (in Hindi and English language) only.
3. It's highly advised you understand and get familiar with our format by visiting
4. Your selection entirely depends on the questions asked in Section 4. Its advisable the applicant answers these questions carefully.
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