HBL's Commuter Mentor Program
We are here to help as your Bike Buddy! Our knowledgeable and friendly Hawaii Bicycling League staff are happy to work individually with you get you rolling safely, no matter what your current bike experience may be.

Don't have a bike? We can help you find the right bike that best fits you.

Not sure if your bike is working properly? We can diagnose and help to see if it's safe to ride.

Don't know where to start to get from your residence to your place of work by bike? We're happy to help map out a stress-free route for your first commute, specifically for YOU and based on your biking experience and comfort level.

HBL is happy to answer any questions you might have - via phone call, video conference, or email.

Let's do this!
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We will doing everything remotely to start off and would love to meet and consult with you via video to chat with you face-to-face (virtually!). If you have access to a camera and video service (such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, etc.) it would be helpful, but is not required.
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Select a bicycle for me.
Check if my bicycle is working.
Help plan a comfortable bike route for me.
Your Commuter Mentor will discuss the basics of safe riding habits (laws, etiquette, equipment, etc.). Do you have any specific questions you'd like to have answered?
Do you have any bike-related goals?
Things like: mastering the city streets, fixing a flat, finding a fun route by my work/residence, etc.
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