Piglin Staff Application
Application Requirements:
You must be of Master rank or higher (100+ votes with /vote).
You must vote regularly.
You must be at least 16 years of age.
You must be mature, patient, and fair.
You must have an active Discord so that the rest of the staff may contact you at any time.
You must be fluent in English with proper grammar and spelling. You are representing the server.
You must have a relatively clean punishment history.

We get a lot of applications. You will not be messaged if your application is denied.
Email address *
How long have you been playing on Piglin?
Describe your in-game and Discord activity.
Why do you want to become a staff member?
Why are you right for the job of helper?
Have you ever been banned/muted? If applicable, please explain.
Tell us a little about yourself
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