Q&A Board Application Fall 2021
Interested in taking a more active role in the queer community at Midd? We are looking for four new people to join our board!

With the goal of creating welcoming queer spaces on campus, Q&A board members help organize events such as game nights, movie nights, drag shows, and other fun events on campus. Members meet every other week outside of official Q&A events to foster community and plan for upcoming activities. If this sounds like fun to you, fill out the application below!

Applications are due October 1st by midnight EST. If more than 5 people apply for positions, there will be a general election held with all active Q&A membership.
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The following positions are available for the 2021-2022 academic year!
Outreach Coordinator: be in touch with other organizations to work on joint initiatives; spread the queer gospel and foster Q&A's relations with the broader college community; find ways to engage and include alumni, faculty, staff, and allies

Activism Co-Coordinator: come up with initiatives related to queerness, social justice, racial justice, gender equality; organize interventions, protests, fundraising, awareness campaigns

Events Coordinator: facilitate discussions on ideas for programming; work with the board to make event-planning smooth and effective; organize parties, drag shows, and other events

First Year Experience Coordinator: welcome first-year students with special programming and activities; facility community and engagement between students and their peers in other classes
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Outreach Coordinator
Activism Co-Coordinator
Events Coordinator
First Year Experience Coordinator
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