2nd-5th grade student survey
What is STEM?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Some of the disciplines included in this category are Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geology, Computer Science, Environmental Science, Engineering, and Mathematics. Classes in the STEM fields provide preparation for a variety of careers. Some of these include:

Automotive Technology
Electronics Technology
Computer Aided Designer
Biological Science
Biomedical Engineering
Financial Analyst
Computer Science
Forensic Science
Technician, Electro-Mechanical
Geography and Geology
Math and Science Education
Zoologists and Wildlife Biologists

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On a scale of 1 (strongly disagree), 2 (disagree), 3 (neutral), 4 (agree), to 5 (strongly agree), please tell us your attitudes towards the statements.
STEM classes are one my favorite subjects.
I would consider choosing a career in STEM.
I get good grades in STEM subjects.
I expect to use STEM knowledge when I get out of school.
STEM will NOT be important in my life. 
I am interested in how things work.
On a scale of 1 (not interested at all), 2 (Not so interested), 3 (I'm not sure if I'm interested), 4 (interested), to 5 (very interested) tell us how interested you are in the following STEM careers.
Biology and Zoology: involve the study of living things (such as plants and animals). This includes working with farm animals and in areas like nutrition and breeding. (biological technician, biological scientist, plant breeder, crop lab technician, animal scientist, geneticist, zoologist)
Veterinary Work: involves the science of working with animals to keep them healthy. (veterinary assistant, veterinarian, livestock producer, animal caretaker)
Mathematics: is the science of numbers and their operations.  (accountant, economist, mathematician, statistician, market researcher, stock market analyst)
Medicine: involves maintaining health and preventing and treating disease. (physician’s assistant, nurse, doctor, nutritionist, emergency medical technician, physical therapist, dentist)
Earth Science: is the study of earth, including the air, land, and ocean. (geologist, weather forecaster, archaeologist)
Computer Science: consists of the development and testing of computer systems, designing new programs and helping others to use computers. (computer support specialist, computer programmer, computer and network technician, gaming designer, computer software engineer, information technology specialist)
Engineering: involves designing, building, testing, and manufacturing new products (like machines, bridges, buildings, and electronics) through the use of math, science, and computers. (civil, industrial, agricultural, or mechanical engineers, welder, auto-mechanic, engineering technician, construction manager)
Did you participate in the Exploration Place STEM project last year?
What do you like most about learning about STEM?
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What do you not like about learning about STEM?
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