PLANC 2020 Scholarship Application
To be considered for a scholarship to attend the 2020 PLANC Conference in New Orleans, LA then please complete the below application. In addition to the below application, you will need to complete a certification form from your respective school (link on Scholarship Page) For further questions, please reach out to the Scholarship Committee Chair, Michelle Yingling at

Deadline: March 31
Job Title
Institution (include city, state)
Number of Years in Pre-Law Advising
Work Address
Home Address (Reimbursement check may need to be sent here)
Email (work)
Phone (work or mobile)
Have you applied for funding from any other institutions to help you cover the costs of attending the NAPLA Conference? What were the results of these applications? *
Please submit a short statement describing what you hope to gain from attending the PLANC Conference. *
Please submit an estimate of the cost for your attending, including travel expenses. Please list two modes of travel to/from the conference, and include any additional information relevant to these options. *
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