Board Applications: 2021 - 2022 (DUE 4/11 11:59PM PST)
Hello, designers!
Thank you for taking the time and interest to submit a board application for the following school year.
We are very excited to meet everyone and can't wait to see what lies ahead for design leadership.
If there are any questions, please feel free to reach out to

Board Positions Descriptions:

Vice President --
The VP role consists of coordinating with the President and overseeing the rest of board activity. VP is also responsible for managing external relations -- collaborations, communications, and everything in between. Internal meeting logistics, booking rooms for meetings, maintaining organization within internal groups and curriculum, and keeping checks and balances is also very key.

Project Teams Coordinator —
The project team coordinator is responsible for working with other PT coordinators for coordinating the quarterly project teams program. Some tasks might include coordinating activities for the team, mentoring and assisting project teams, compiling resources, organizing a quarter-long schedule for the program (including social events, demo days, and workdays), and booking workrooms when necessary. This IS NOT A PRODUCT/PROJECT MANAGEMENT position; instead, this will be more in line with program management as these individuals are organizing the program. If you are interested in leading an individual team, please check back before Fall quarter.

Social Coordinator —
The community engagement coordinator is responsible for planning and coordinating social events and smaller icebreakers and activities for those social events or meetings to foster a community within Design at UCI.

Workshop Coordinator —
The workshop coordinator is responsible for working with Industry Outreach and the President to define the curriculum, outline the schedule of workshops, compile and create workshop materials and slides, and sometimes leading workshops and meeting events. Those looking to apply for this position should have some familiarity with design programs and design concepts (either or both UI/UX and traditional graphic design). If you are passionate about being a peer resource and public speaking, this role is perfect for you.

Graphic Designer —
The visual designer is responsible for working with the Creative Director to define the organization's overall brand aesthetic, creating social media, and graphic content that aligns with brand guidelines and/or exploring new styles. Some graphics include our event banners and material for designathons.

Marketing Chair --
Marketing is responsible for social outreach from multiple platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Discord, and newsletters. Marketing will be in charge of keeping a social presence for Design at UCI and to continuously find new members for our club. Much of communication from Design at UCI to the design community is marketing's responsibility.

Industry Outreach --
The industry outreach is responsible for reaching out to industry professionals in the field and coming up with events with them. Some example events are speaker panels, industry workshop, etc. One of the main goals of Design at UCI is to give its members the ability to connect and learn more about the design industry which makes this role a very important one.

As a reminder, this application is DUE on 4/11 11:59PM PST.
And if there are any other questions or comments you need extra clarification on, please email us at, with "Board Apps" in your subject title!

Thanks, and good luck, designer!
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