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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us at Brooklyn Conservatory of Music.

At present, we are looking for volunteers to help with upcoming events. Ideal volunteers are comfortable speaking with and assisting patrons and/or guests.

Here at Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, we take Covid-19 Safety very seriously. We currently have Building Safety Monitors who are dedicated to ensuring the Covid compliance of BKCM students, faculty, and staff. All volunteer opportunities occurring during this pandemic will be enacted under proper protocol to ensure the safety of all involved.

For any events, volunteers will be provided training with information about BKCM, Covid-19 Safety, and any information to perform necessary tasks.
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Are there any specific skills you have that you think would help such as Catering, Customer service, Fundraising, Photography, Research, Sound technology, Streaming and Video editing, etc. ?
At this time are you comfortable doing in-person volunteering? All volunteers are required to wear masks and get COVID tested to work any events.
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