Gallery Submissions for Creative Corner at TwitchCon 2017
Show off your creations at TwitchCon 2017! One of the key features of the Creative Corner is the Gallery, which will be filled with a diverse collection artwork from Twitch Creative broadcasters. Pieces are selected from the artwork you submit, which will be printed as high quality canvas prints or shown off in our digital gallery! After Twitchcon, these works of art will live on the walls of Twitch HQ.

We will also have a digital gallery which can feature videos and digital assets, including games designed on Twitch Creative, 3D work, sculptures, animations, crochet, cross stitch, blacksmithing, and all of the other crazy creations that you make!

Submissions will be open until August 23 and then we will reach out to those that were accepted.

For any questions, please email

Artwork Eligibility
In order to be eligible for displaying works at TwitchCon:

● The artwork must have been created while broadcasting on Twitch Creative
● Submissions can be either (1) digital still image to be printed or (2) video file
● Submission must be your creation. You must have the rights to create and license the work to Twitch for the purposes described here.
● Traditional media should be submitted as high resolution photographs or video.
Please note all works must be original works, must abide by Twitch's Terms of Service and Rules of Conduct, and you must have the rights to use and license the works to Twitch for the purposes described. You maintain the ownership of copyright of your work. By submitting a work, you grant Twitch the right and license to make copies of and publicly display the work at TwitchCon, and to make copies of and publicly distribute the work for marketing purposes, including any modifications or derivative works necessary in connection with the foregoing in Twitch's sole discretion.

Image Submission Guidelines
Please follow all guidelines when you submit your image:

● Image will be printed as an 18"x24” OR 16"x 32" print on canvas (portrait or landscape)
● Include full resolution 300+ dpi.
● Lossless format: .PNG, .PSD, .TIFF, etc.
● RGB Color Mode
● File names: Please use this naming convention: TWITCHCHANNEL_TITLE.PNG (EX: Monkeyonstrike_KappaRoss.PNG)

Video Submission Guidelines
Please follow all guidelines when you submit your video:

● The creation in the video must have been created on Twitch Creative
● File must not be longer than 30 seconds
● The video should focus on one piece of artwork or creation, not a compilation of multiple pieces
● File must be in mpeg format
● Please note, no sound will be played from the video
● To submit, please submit to Dropbox or Google drive and share the link in the form below.

Q. How can I ask questions about this work?
A. Feel free to email us at with any questions.

Q. Why is only digital artwork allowed?
A. We are creating canvas prints of all artwork to avoid damaging original pieces or losses in shipping. Physical artwork may be submitted as photographs or video

Q. Is fan art allowed?
A. Fan art is allowed, as long as you have rights to make the fan art. The final product must be an original creation.

Q. What does licensing the work to Twitch mean?
A. It means you are giving us legal permission to print your artwork for the TwitchCon Creative Corner Gallery, as well as an online gallery. We may also use the work in promotional material in this context.

Q. Can I submit multiple pieces?
A. Only one piece per broadcaster.

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Artwork Type
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