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What would you like to Explore?
Next year you will have the opportunity to select which Exploratory Classes you will take. We cannot guarantee that everyone will receive their top choice, but would like to know your preferences. Please rank order your preferences from the list below.

If you select Band as a class option, you will not complete the remainder of the survey.

Thank you!

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Do you want to take Band next year?
If yes, you do not need to complete the remainder of the survey. Please scroll to the bottom and hit 'Submit'.
Do you want to take Choir for two semesters?
If you want to take Choir, you have the option to take Choir 1 semester OR 2 semesters. If you select 2 semesters, you do not need to complete the remainder of the survey. If no, please go on.
Did you take a language this year?
Rank order your preference in Exploratory Classes. You may only use each choice one time.
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