Multi Academy Co-operative Trust Status Consultation Questionnaire for Parents and Carers
You can find more Information about the school’s reasons for considering becoming a Co-operative Multi Academy Trust in the following ways:

• Printed Booklet sent out from Governors, also available on our website
• Presentation, Information and Discussion Meetings

Governors would really encourage parents, staff and other stakeholders to engage in this consultation process and take the opportunity to share their opinions with Governors.

This letter will be going out to parents in week 2 of the consultation process. You can submit your response in a number of ways:

• Return your response to the post box outside the office in the reception area or hand it in at the school office.

• On our website we have an Academies Consultation Area and there is an electronic form you can complete. Please go to the last tab on the menu bar ‘Academies’ and select Consultation Questionnaire

The deadline for all responses is Tuesday 7th June 2016

If you have any comments for the Governors about the Multi Academy Co-operative Trust, please put them here…
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