SICB BP Mentorship Matching Survey for the 2019 meeting in Tampa, FL
Thank you for your interest in the SICB Broadening Participation Mentorship Program! We hope to provide both mentors and mentees with a meaningful, positive experience through this program. To attempt to make the best matches between mentors and mentees, please provide us with as much information as possible in this form.

Please read the guidelines for the mentoring program before filling out this survey to be sure that you are willing to fulfill your role. We ask that both mentors and mentees contact one another before traveling to the meeting, that they commit to meeting three times during the meeting, and that they follow up with one another at least once after the meeting. The full guidelines can be found here:

While we will make every attempt to match everyone interested in the program with a mentor or mentee, we may need to limit the number of matches to a manageable number. One of our priorities will be attempting to match all mentees from underrepresented groups to mentors, if possible. If we are not able to match you to a mentor or mentee this year, please know that we sincerely thank you for your interest and hope that you will consider participating next year, as we continue to improve and scale up our meeting mentorship program to meet the needs of all SICB members.

Please complete this form as soon as possible - ideally by SUNDAY, DECEMBER 9TH. We will begin making matches on December 10th and will not make any matches after December 21st.

If you have any questions about the program or experience difficulties with this form, please e-mail the chair of the BP Committee at

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I am a potential: (*Note: If you would like to serve as both a mentor and a mentee, please fill out this form twice - once for each role) *
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Which division of SICB do you most strongly identify with in terms of your research interests? (this does not necessarily need to be the division in which you are presenting at this meeting) *
If you identify strongly with other divisions of SICB in addition to the one chosen above, please list them here:
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Please write a brief (~1-3 sentence) description of your main research focus so that we can try to better match you to a mentor/mentee within your field. It is most helpful if you can include specific information about the type(s) of research/techniques you employ, key study systems/organisms, etc.
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If you have a lab or personal web page describing your research, please provide the website:
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How much mentorship experience do you have (for mentors), or how much mentoring have you received (for mentees)? *
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How much experience do you have attending SICB? *
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Please choose UP TO THREE of the most important qualities that you seek (for mentees) or that you feel you can provide (for mentors) through the mentoring program? (Please choose no more than THREE!) *
For mentees only: Given that we will always try to match you to a mentor that shares at least some of your general research interests, please rate the following in terms of how important they are to you in your mentoring match. Note that unfortunately we cannot always find mentors to meet all of these requests, but we will do our best:
(For mentees): I would like a mentor with expertise in an area of research as close to my own research interests as possible
(For mentees): I would like a mentor with a background/identity similar to my own (e.g., gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, etc.)
(For mentees): I would like a mentor at a particular career stage relative to my own
This year, we are considering making some mentorship matches in which 2-3 mentees (particularly younger students) would be paired to a single mentor, to facilitate group discussions and sharing of experiences.
How would you feel about participating in this type of group mentoring arrangement?
Please provide us with any additional information you would like to share that may help us in making the best possible mentorship match:
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Sexual orientation: (optional)
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Please provide any other information concerning how you may be underrepresented in your particular field, institution, or geographical area: (optional)
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Please add any other information that you think would be useful in pairing you with the right mentor/mentee (e.g., personal background and experiences, etc.)
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