Teacher Application
Become a teacher on our server The Language Zone™
Before you fill out the form below, make sure you meet our requirements:

• You have to be passionate about teaching other members languages.
• You must've "!rank - Level 15 or Active/higher role" on our server.
• You must speak at least 2 languages
• You must've a working microphone for voice chat(VC Lessons once a week)
• You have to be native/ or fluent in the language that you are teaching
• You have to have a positive attitude to teach members.
• You have to be active enough to help members.
• You will have to post vocabulary in "word of the week" channel.
(Please do not apply if you do not meet these requirements)
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Age *
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Nationality *
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Your native language/mother tongue *
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List of languages you can teach *
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Short Bio/Information about you *
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• How will i know if I am selected?
You will receive a DM from the server owner "iG0d" if you're selected.
(we reserve the right to deny anyone's application for any reason we see fit, with or without any explanations.)

• How long will it take to process my application?
1 week

• What role will I be given if I am chosen?
You will be given "Teachers" role if you got selected.

• What duties will I be assigned to as a teacher?
You will be guided through all teaching rules and duties once you become a teacher.
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