Application for Cart Shed 1 Occupation
If you are interested in being considered for a licence to occupy our vacant Cart Shed workshop, please supply the following information. Once you have submitted this form, please also email no more than 5 photographs, showing examples of your work, to We will let you know once we have received your application.

Important information. Please note that occupants of Cart Sheds are responsible (over and above rent) for:
· Business and Public Liability insurance
· Utility contracts for the Cart Shed
· fitting out the space (and removing and making good at the end of the licence period)

The measurements of Cart Shed 1 are:
· Front wall - 18`5"
· Rear wall - 23`3"
· Inner side wall - 13`6" (facing Bury St)
· Inner side wall - 12`4" (adjoining Cart Shed 2)

This a total floor space of 257 sqft

The rent to be charged will be a commercial rent of £4,800. However, a series of rebates are available for participating in our public programmes and for meeting opening hours targets. With rebates, rent could decrease to a minimum of £2,820, if all criteria are met.

THE DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS IS 5pm 12 March 2018. Applications submitted after this deadline will not be considered.

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What are your proposed opening times? *
We are keen that the Cart Sheds are a visibly active part of Manor Farm Site. Please give details of when you would expect to be open to the public at the site, giving details of seasonal variations if necessary.
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What additional value to residents could you provide beyond commercial activity? *
Describe any activities that are either within or in addition to your business model that would make the Cart Shed a place worth visiting for our visitors. This could include workshops, clubs, demonstrations, discounted courses, talks etc.
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