GAA Technology Agreement
Authorization for loan of Chromebook/electronic device.

One student per form.
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I understand that I may take the Chromebook home to use for educational purposes only. I may connect the Chromebook to a non-school internet connection.
Waiver Statement: I agree that I will be responsible for compensating Gilbert Arts Academy for any necessary repairs or replacement for damage and/or loss of the Chromebook due to negligence or abuse.
Fees- $200 for broken or lost computer; $20 for broken or lost charger; $10 for broken or lost mouse/headphones
Copyright Statement: I will not violate any copyright laws and understand that Gilbert Arts Academy will in no way be held responsible or deemed liable should my actions result in subsequent violations.
Check-Out: I understand that I may take this Chromebook home over the Remote Learning Period for educational purposes. The Chromebook will be returned to school on the first return to school day. If, for any reason, I do not return to school, I will deliver the Chromebook to the school as soon as that decision is made.
Travel: I understand that I may use this Chromebook for educational purposes within the United States. I do not intend to take the Chromebook outside of the United States.
Electronic Tracking: I understand the school may equip this device with software that provides the ability to locate its whereabouts. I agree I will not attempt to disable or interfere with this software.
Policy/Regulations: I understand that I may use this Chromebook for educational purposes and that this device belongs to Gilbert Arts Academy. I agree to be bound by and comply with Gilbert Arts Academy's Acceptable Use Policy/Internet Safety Policy/Technology Use Guidelines governing the use of electronic devices found in the Student Handbook.
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