OpenTelemetry Governance Committee Endorsements (*not* voting!!)
NOTE: We are collecting email addresses to enforce one-vote-per-person (along with the GitHub username requirement).

No information gathered during this poll (certainly including the email addresses) will be shared outside of the current OpenTelemetry Governance Committee, and we will not use email addresses for purposes beyond this election process.
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Before we can get to actual voting, we must ratify the nominees. This means getting endorsements from ≥ 3 "members of standing" (basically, members of the OTel GitHub org) from three different employers. Note that candidates may endorse themselves if they are themselves a "member of standing."

To reduce email overload, we are doing one "bulk endorsement" round via this form. *Please only endorse candidates you feel are well-suited to run*, though note that this endorsement is *not* the same thing as actual voting – that comes later! This is just to finalize the candidate list.

Here's the relevant snippet from the Governance Committee charter document (

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## Eligibility for candidacy

Anyone may nominate either themselves or someone else to be a candidate in the election. To be ratified as a candidate, the nominee must accept the nomination and three Members of Standing (including the nominator, if she/he has standing) from three different employers, must endorse the nomination.

Nominators are free to nominate as many people as they wish to. Members of Standing may endorse multiple nominees, but we expect endorsements to be in good faith. If this turns out to be a problem, this will be reconsidered.
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Each nominee must be endorsed by ≥ 3 different companies/organizations
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NOTE: you must be a "Member of Standing" (i.e., part of the OTel GitHub org) to endorse candidates
Which OpenTelemetry Governance Committee nominees would you like to endorse? You may endorse as many as you'd like. In alphabetical order: *
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