Vendors and Sponsorship
Please submit your application information and we will reach out to you. We have space for a 15'x15 maximum size setup area for Vendors and Sponsors. There is a $50 fee for 4 locations,, where your back will be to the audience seating and 4 other spots for $100 for the same size space, but where you are facing the audience.

We will do our best to prevent overlap of vendors and sponsors, so you are not competing for attention. We would like to get one of each of these style vendors - armor, weapons, garb, medieval accessories, kids goods, beer/liquor, sports focused goods, and medieval shoes. Of course, this isn't a comprehensive list either, but a good start.

We will have several sponsor opportunities beyond being present at the event itself, such as getting your brand on an event T-shirt, banners hanging around the stadium or on our list field. Additionally, we will market you participation in our event as well for any advertising and communications being conducted.

Submission of your information does not guarantee you will be accepted to participate in our event. Thank you for applying.
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