Circus Survivor S11 Application
Thanks for taking the time to fill in this form! The deadline to apply is Wednesday, April 22nd. We'll let you know whether you are casted or not by messaging you on Discord by Friday, April 24th! Take a look at the Smogon thread for the rules and more information about prizing and how Survivor works:
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What is your Discord name and tag? (Example: Name#1234) *
What is your Smogon username? (If you have one! If not, leave this blank)
What is your timezone? *
How did you arrive at this application form? *
What's your experience with Survivor? (It's okay if you have none, just be honest!) *
Have you played in any ORGs before? If so, tell us about them! (Online reality games - things like online Survivor, Big Brother, the Genius, etc - once again it's okay if the answer is no!) *
If you got cast, what do you think your greatest strength and weakness would be? *
Rank yourself in the following categories from what you think you'd be best at (5) to what you think you'd be worst at (1). (If you can't decide between two, you can make them tied!) *
Skill-based challenges (i.e. something you need to practice and get better at - like flash games)
Effort-based challenges (i.e. things you need to put a lot of time into - like counting to 1000 by using discord messages)
Puzzle-based challenges (i.e. challenges in which you need to strategize and think critically about how to win - like a modified chess game)
Game Strategy (making alliances, planning on who to vote out, etc)
Building relationships (talking to people to gain their trust)
Why do you want to play? *
What's your availability? How much time do you intend to devote to this game? *
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