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Many clients do not realize all of the areas we can provide services to them. Please take a look at the form below and let us know if there are any other ways we can provide you with additional information or coverage. While some services are done through other agencies we do not operate on a referral basis, each product or service is handled by one of our Durante Agency agents so you work with the same person you know and trust.
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Please select all of the products and services below you would be interested in getting more information about. This in no way obligates you to purchase additional services however we would like to provide you any information you may want. Some products below are offered through affiliates such as Mann Mortgage.
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By signing you agree to hold Durante Insurance and Financial Services harmless for past, current, or future damages based on insurance or product lines you have not requested from us directly. Your signature in no way obligates you for, or disqualifies you from obtaining any referenced product or services offered through Durante Insurance and Financial Services.
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