FREE Yoga for Veterans Professional Association Membership Agreement
FREE Yoga for Veterans isn’t simply about the support provided to veterans, it is also about instructors who support one another. When you register for a FREE Yoga for VeteransWorkshop/Training you become a part of something. You become a member of a community built on education, support and professionalism. You are part of our team now and have access to all the tools and resources available to aid in your success!

Membership Dues:

Initiation of Membership (1st year): $75 annual membership fee. Due prior to your workshop or training.

Continuation of Membership: $50 annual membership fee (each year). Annual fee is automatically charged through Paypal each year unless you cancel. Annual membership renewal fees must be received by the anniversary date of your initial membership Please be diligent to ensure the continuity of your membership.

Once certified your certification is valid for the life of your FYFVPA membership.

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Membership Benefits
Continuing Education: All active members are welcome to retake any workshop they have successfully completed as often as they like free of charge.

Your online presence: Members are provided with a listing on Members are searchable on the FREE Yoga for Veterans website. Members benefit from the marketing, content and design efforts of FREE Yoga for Veterans

A FYFVPA member is encouraged to create their own website, in addition *We encourage the prominent display of your FYFVPA certification badge on your home page.

Team Support: The network of support you build is essential to success bringing yoga to veterans. We teach this by example. We are here to support, encourage and educate you!

Membership Policies
The goal of FREE Yoga for Veterans is to elevate the role of yoga instructors teaching yoga to veterans to a professional level in the eyes of veterans, their families, medical professionals, our local communities, and themselves. To do this each FYFVPA member must hold themselves to the highest of standards.

The policies set forth establish what is and what is not acceptable behavior or practice from a FYFVPA member.

A FREE Yoga for Veterans Professional Association Member MUST
Pay first annual membership fee at the time of registration.

Complete the Certification Packet within 18 months of the workshop 
(Extensions can be requested in writing when circumstances prevent completion in the allotted time frame)

Present their skill level honestly

Stay current on information, recommendations and guidelines relating to 
the service provided

Maintain a judgment-free and opinion-free attitude about each topic

Conduct themselves and their businesses in accordance with the Mission, Philosophy and Promise of FREE Yoga for Veterans

Abide by all policies set forth in the Standards of Professionalism

Remain current on membership fees

Reasons Why Membership May Be Revoked

Failure to pay membership dues within allotted time

Copyright infringement of any FREE Yoga for Veterans works

Failure to abide by the Standards of Professionalism

Repeated complaints by students

Misrepresentation of credentials.

Misrepresenting FYFV by not using the standard class protocol

Unprofessional behavior in the role of instructor. Including inappropriate attire, tardiness to scheduled classes or cancellations.

FREE Yoga for Veterans Professional Association Scope of Practice and Standards of Professionalism
Each FYFVPA member is encouraged to find their own particular style of teaching and voice to present the standard protocols.

Through our standardized curriculum, the fundamental do’s and don’ts of teaching yoga to veterans are clearly outlined. Professionalism and predictability for the students are our number one priority.

Each FYFVPA member must abide by FYFVPA’s Standards of Professionalism which includes conducting oneself in a manner that aligns with the goals, missions and standards set forth here:

Maintain current CPR/First Aid Certification
Maintain current liability insurance
Maintain a clear and professional contract for all services
Conduct yourself and your business in a manner that maintains all legal responsibilities
Businesses must be established through appropriate legal channels.
Treat fellow FYFV instructors with professional courtesy and respect.
Treat all medical professionals – doctors, nurses, hospital staff, etc., – with professional courtesy and respect. These are also members of our veteran’s support team and you must work cohesively with them.
Adhere to all rules/regulations of any facility where you work.
Treat each client and their family with professional courtesy and respect.
Maintain the highest level of confidentiality with all information and experiences – personal history or information about your students should only be shared with other professionals – and then only IF you have their permission. 

Maintain professionalism through the internet and marketing materials.
Your webpage/website must be up to date, professional and encompass the high standards of judgment free support put forth by FREE Yoga for Veterans.
While social media communications may be of a personal nature, the high standards of judgement free support put forth by FREE Yoga for Veterans should always reflect each instructor as a professional

By choosing "I agree" below, you are agreeing to abide by the terms and conditions set forth. Failure to do so will result in revocation of Membership and Certified status
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