Robotics and SMEs: Managers Perceptual Survey
Robots & SMEs is an Erasmus + co-funded project, which will be implemented from 2019 to 2021. The partnership includes partners from Bulgaria, Ireland, Portugal, Slovakia, and the United Kingdom.

The Robots & SMEs project aims to develop a series of training and support tools for SME Managers to enable them to assess the value of robots for their business development and sustainability and then effectively introduce them.

This questionnaire is intended for SME Managers, aiming to analyze and contextualize the introduction of robots and AI in their business, assessing their current state and the opinion of SME Managers in this regard. Therefore, please respond according to your direct experience or specific knowledge regarding the topics being addressed.

The deadline for Survey completion is 29th February 2020.

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PLEASE NOTE: Your email is not required. The data collected through this questionnaire will be processed for cognitive, scientific and dissemination purposes of the Robots & SMEs project results.
This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This website and all its contents reflect the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.
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6. The introduction of robots and AI technology will affect the ‘human’ workforce in your organization. *
7. The introduction of robots and AI technology will have a significant impact on the efficiency of your organization. *
8. Most SME Managers are not fully aware of the potential impact of robots and AI on their workforce. *
9. The staff within your organisation have the knowledge and insights they need to help implementing innovative technologies in the workplace. *
10. Your company has strategies in place to deal with conflict between the ‘human’ and ‘robot’ workforce. *
11. It would be helpful if you could be provided with an online mentoring service to help you understand the issues surrounding robotics and artificial intelligence (as well as in which way they could influence your business), including a best practices guide with real examples from other companies. *
12. Human impact factors must be considered when making decisions about the implementation of technology, as the efficiency gains provided by robots and AI cannot be compared to employee experience, skills and other people factors. *
13. The robotization and AI will affect your business in the next 5 years. *
14. Robotization and AI are a future threat for your business. *
15. Your business is suitable for introducing robots/AI to replace humans in certain processes. *
16. The introduction of robots/AI could give your company a competitive advantage over other companies in its sector. *
17. The associated consequences to the labor forces makes the introduction of robots/AI troubling. *
18. This survey was worth your time and attention *
19. Are there opportunities offered by emerging technologies to both evolve your business model and to improve the relationship with your employees? If yes, please tell us which.
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20. Has your company already started implementing steps towards digitalization, robotization and/or AI? If yes, can you briefly describe them? *
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21. What are the three biggest barriers the implementation of robots and AI in your business might struggle with (e.g. lack of awareness of opportunities, lack of finances for such implementation, lack of qualified workforce, etc.)?
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22. What are your thoughts in regard of training/mentoring on robotization/AI in your company? Will it be beneficial to your company’s future business development? Is the lack of robotization/AI implementation due to gaps in the training of students/workers in these areas?
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23. Are the existing policies and available government support towards SME’s robotization enough? Are the policy makers in your country striving to stimulate its implementation in SMEs?
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24. Are you aware of the EU policy concerning robots/AI implementation in SMEs? Do you think the policies could be improved and more completely articulated to SMEs? Please describe measures you feel should be taken.
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25. Do you wish to be kept up-to-date with the project developments? *
26. If you have answered YES to Q25 please leave your email address.
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