Hawai'i School Peace Gardens Registration Form
Thank you very much for registering your School Peace Garden! All schools are invited to register via this form, whether you are just getting started or have an active School Peace Garden. This information is being gathered in order to grow a community of School Peace Gardens across Hawai'i. For questions, please contact Lydi Bernal, lydi@hiphi.org with the Hawai'i Farm to School Hui (www.farmtoschoolhui.org).
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Please describe any additional elements of your School Peace Garden (existing or planned).
Please describe your plan for an annual dedication of your School Peace Garden, including date(s) if available.
Please describe how your students, staff, and families/community are involved with the School Peace Garden (or plan to involve them).
How is Peace Education implemented at your school?
If you have requested assistance with the development of your School Peace Garden, please describe the specific assistance needed:
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