GS1 Singapore: Transport and Logistics Survey
The objective of GS1 regarding Transport & Logistics (T&L) is to improve efficiency and visibility of the Transport & Logistics operations of supply chain stakeholders through the use of GS1 Global Standards.

With the increasing demand for traceability, visibility, security and safety of shipments as they travel to their destination, often across multiple carriers and modes of transport, GS1 Singapore is here to help improve efficiency and visibility of supply chain across industries.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will be kept confidential.

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Market Analysis
1. Is your company a GS1 member?
2. Generally, what kind of business are you involved in?
3. If you have a warehouse, is it?
4. Which of the following modes of transport do you use within your business? (Select all appropriate answers)
5. Across all modes of transport, how many different providers does your company use?
6. Who is responsible for arranging transport provision for your organisation? (Select all appropriate answers)
7. How many types of Freight Management Systems (FMS) do you use?
8. Are any of the FMS you use integrated into your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or WMS(Warehouse Management System)?
9. Does your business identify shipments with GS1 Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) on the logistics label?
10. If you are using the SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code), do your freight companies also utilise this as their identifier for your shipments?
11. Has your business ever investigated the use of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) as a solution to identification of your shipments?
12. Do you use EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) within your supply chain?
13. If you are utilising EDI, which side of your supply chain are you using it?
14. Where you are using EDI, do you exchange documents with your transport or 3PL providers for any of the following? (Select all appropriate answers)
15. If using EDI, what information standards have you employed? (Select all appropriate answers)
16. Which of the following do you consider to be key issues in integrating your supply chain with your transport providers? (Select all appropriate answers)
17. Companies often talk about not having full visibility across their entire supply chain. Which of the following would be accurate statements regarding your company's supply chain? (Select all appropriate answers)
18. Does your business view visibility of shipments as a key criterion when evaluating your transport provider(s)?
19. Does your business view supply chain visibility as a way of delivering better customer service to your customers (consignees)?
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