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I originally created this series to remind companies at the "people" level (as individual managers and leaders versus the company as a whole) that tattoos aren't a degenerate idea and are a lot more common than they would like to admit. I've just recently decided to add body mods, as I've added to my piercing collection recently and will be adding another tattoo to my ink arsenal - none of which impact my ability to remain professional and have positive interactions with customers or clients.

Basically, I do a couple overall, full body shots showing overall tattoo placement and size and to give an overall look of the tattooed individual to viewers. Then I'll take close-up shots of whatever tattoos they want to feature. Then the model will write and send me a quick bio about themselves, what they do, and what drew them to tattoos/ why they chose to get inked. This is meant to balance and offset the nasty attitudes towards tattoos and body mods with a personalized touch and significance.

Wardrobe is completely up to you, I just request that whatever you wear for the full body shots shows as many of the tattoos you want to showcase as possible. People have asked about crop or tank tops and shorts, that's fine. Some have asked about sundresses or workout/compression shorts, that's fine too. Some have even asked about just wearing lingerie, underwear, or just being nude - I've got no problem with it, whatever you're most comfortable with being shared (obvious censoring for social media).

Obviously, you get access to the photos as well, and if you have tags and socials for the artists, I give them shoutouts and credit as well when I post. I really hope that these shoots can be super relaxing and actually feel like an ink-therapy session without getting tattooed!
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This is a TFP/Trade-for-Photos opportunity. No monies will be exchanged between any parties involved, but images will be available for model/participant use after they have been shared to  Https://vcintron.com/lets-talk-tattoos *
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