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TEDxVail Team is thrilled to consider you for our  lineup! What you might find, if selected, co-creating wonder-filled Xperiences in Vail, one of America's great ski resorts, is both a dedication and Xploration. TEDxVail Talks & performances are developed individually, as a group, aspiring to move your idea to action or your performance to a broader audience. We'll coach & support you to strengthen your idea into a moving TEDxVail Talk or performance - going for a standing O! We'll notify you, if we are fortunate to include you for one of our upcoming events. We welcome your application!

But first a bit more about what you may be getting yourself into...

A TEDx talk is a short talk, given live with no notes & no podium, with a big idea at its core – an ‘idea worth spreading’.

TEDx Talks are given at TEDx events, which are independently organized by volunteers. They are featured on the TEDx YouTube channel & vetted by TED staff to possibly be featured on TED.com

TEDx Talks are unlike any other talk or presentation or lecture. They require a new approach for preparation. We provide and require coaching for all TEDxVail speakers to give the talk of their lives + to ensure our audience has the high quality experience they expect from TEDxVail.

At TEDxVail most talks are 6-9 minutes, and some (often the best) are only 3 minutes. Remember it's about a single idea.

TEDxVail Talks & their ideas worth spreading may be:
Unique, expert perspective on important & timely issue
Universal insight gained through singular personal experience
Human creativity expressed through music, dance, spoken word, poetry, & art

TEDxVail talk is not:
A sales pitch
A fundraising ask
The same talk you've given before
Something you show up for & give without preparation
Given through any type of "pay-to-play"

TEDx Speakers are selected by our TEDxVail curators. They may have been nominated, recommended or sought out. At TEDxVail, speakers are selected by a curatorial team in response to a carefully crafted theme.
TEDxVail speakers are kids, teachers, entrepreneurs, athletes, artists, scientists, CEO's, genius's & decent humans. They might not have a title. You may know their name very well. And you may have never heard of them before.
TEDxVail speakers receive extensive coaching to uncover, refine, & deliver their TEDxVail Talk. Are you humble and open?

We look for TEDxVail speakers throughout the year. We are always listening - to news stories, informal community "buzz," and to our nomination portal. Each year when we select speakers we generate our own internal list of people, ask people who sit at particular vantage points to help us see people we wouldn't otherwise see, and review the list of every speaker ever nominated via our form below. We review this giant list of potential speakers in light of our theme and narrow the list accordingly. We research potential speakers who we are interested in via web searches, conversations with other subject matter experts & sometimes people close to the speaker. Then, if we think someone has a Talk that would be a fit for the theme, we reach out letting them know that we are interested, what we are interested in, that we'd like to talk to share more about TEDxVail, the preparation process for giving a TEDxVail talk & to listen to what the person might be interested in speaking about. Then if what the potential speaker would like to speak about lines up & they are willing & able to commit to the preparation process, we invite them to speak.

You do not become a TEDxVail speaker by:
Barraging us with nominations or requests
Letting us know that you have given other TED or TEDx talks
Promoting yourself as a sought after keynote or motivational speaker

Once you are confirmed to be a TEDxVail speaker we send you a contract and release form to be returned immediately along with your original 250 word bio and a high resolution headshot to be used in promoting you and your Talk.

Then leading up to TEDxVail, speakers are part of the following:
Speaker Launch Zooms - meet fellow speakers, learn more about what makes a great TEDx talk, and refine your idea worth spreading. Ultimately, speakers from each event become like family.
1:1 Coaching - design your Talk with a coach for at least four (4) hours to develop/refine both what you are saying & how you are saying it.
Speaker Camp - stand & deliver your working full draft - a talk with a beginning, middle, & end - with your peers & coaches.
Dress Rehearsals - experience the stage just as it will be for the live event - sans audience. Rehearse your Talk just as it will be at TEDxVail - no notes, no podium.
In total speakers spend 60+ hours preparing for their TEDxVail Talk. They report its hard, rewarding, and totally worth it. Some even say these sessions are life-changing.


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If you could dream up any Adventure (a free, rare behind-the-scenes, casual way of engaging you in a memorable Xperience) in Vail Valley to have with TEDxVail attendees, what might it be?
Dr. Ira Helfand, No Nukes
What creative Xperience would you design with attendees to anchor your big idea?
If you could give each attendee or speaker a gift what might it be and why? TEDxVail has been influenced by 2016 speaker and Burning Man Founder, Harley K. Dubois. We've adopted these values: Radical Inclusion. Gifting. Decommodification. Radical Self-reliance. Radical Self-expression. Communal Effort. Civic Responsibility. Leave No Trace. Participation. Immediacy.  
Grooming our group of speakers begins with building bonds among you so that when you arrive finally in the same place, you'll already feel the support of your family of speakers for your idea adoption. Showing up matters to us. Would you commit to required free coaching in the TED genre on Zoom? We'll cover these topics: #1 INTROS  #2 AUDIENCE #3 MESSAGE #4 STORY #5 MEDIA #6 SLIDES & VISUALS #7 DELIVERY #8 IMPACT  #9 CALL TO ACTION #10  SOCIAL MEDIA PLAN *
Building relationships between you & our community makes it more likely that your idea will be rooted in Vail Valley. If selected, how would you prefer us to host you 3 nights while you are here?
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Will you be bringing anyone with you? If so, who?
Watch parties are a great way to assemble out-of-towners who are not able to attend in person to watch you on the TEDxVail stage. Could you organize these remote viewing locations? Please list locations and contact cell/email.
TEDxVail Brain Trust is honored to receive your submission! Be radical! Bring us with you. Remember it's the first follower that starts a movement!  Like Walker Williams Mackey, Facing Your Fears, thanks for facing yours.
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